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  • Our Peer Alliance Program is designed to connect people with autism to the community. By pairing our volunteers with people seeking companionship, we build life-long friendships and important social skills/community inclusion. 

  • To become a mentor, or to be paired with a mentor, please contact us at familiesfightingautism@gmail.com or click the Peer Alliance Program tab at the top of this site. 

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Abigail Clarke

Bracelet campaign intern.

Alison Varghese

Bracelet campaign intern.

Since its inception in 2001, FFA has raised funds for autism research on a nation-wide level and for local programs to benefit children, adults and families living with autism. 

    • 'Early Intervention for Young Children on the Autism spectrum: Parent’s Perspective' by Scott Bellini, Assistant Director; Kara Hume, Doctoral Candidate; Cathy Pratt, Director

    • ​'​Could early intervention erase signs of autism?' by Jen Christensen

    • ​https://autism-center.ucsd.edu/autism-information/Pages/what-is-autism.aspx


    Tara Young

    Social Media and Website Coordinator. Head of activities and communication.

    Jennifer Venuto


    Your support  has allowed Families Fighting Autism to fund and support a multitude of projects. The following list represents just a select group of such programs:

    • Music therapy programs in NJ school districts

    • Local camp inclusion and autism training for camp staff

    • Occupational therapy equipment for NJ schools

    • Crisis assistance for families living with autism

    • Grants to The Sensory Playhouse in Washington Twp, NJ

    • An assisted living home for autistic adults in Atlantic County, NJ

    • Classes for siblings of children with autism

    • Monthly community outings for autistic children

    • Seminars for pediatricians for early detection of autism

    • Research grants to Cure Autism Now (CAN) and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Regional Autism Center as well as donations to Autism Speaks (formerly NAAR)

    • A state of the art observation room at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia specially designed to diagnose and treat children with autism. This room is also used for this purpose by The National Institute for Health (NIH)

    Twitter: @ffightingautism

    FaceBook: Families Fighting Autism

    E-mail: familiesfightingautism@gmail.com

    Families Fighting Autism