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Find your inner power by helping others

Gabe at age 19.

Families Fighting Autism was founded in 2001, in honor of Gabriel Venuto, by his parents Jennifer and Tommy, after he was diagnosed with Autism in 1999. Now 19 years old, Gabe is a shining example of the organization's goals. He finished high school at Eastern High School last year and also received his drivers license. Gabe currently helps out at New Berlin Dinner and has an internship at Camden County College where he is exploring his passion for technology. He is a tech assistant at Rugters University Camden in their technology department. In his spare time Gabe helps residents at a local assisted living facility with tech-related needs. Gabe, who didn't speak until age 6, is now a thriving and active member of the southern New Jersey community and is breaking the stigma associated with autism with everything he does.​

Gabe at age 8.

Autism / Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurobehavioral disorder categorized by complex impairments of brain development and is characterized, to different degrees in each individual, by difficulties with social interaction, language and communication combined with combined with rigid, repetitive behaviors. 


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The Mission of Families Fighting Autism is to raise funds to continue research related to autism, promote public awareness and education, and to create and fund programs for children, adults and families living with autism.

Families Fighting Autism

Families Fighting Autism is a nonprofit organization that raises money to help support families affected by autism, promote opportunity for people on the autism spectrum, and break the stigma associated with autism. ​

*** Families Fighting Autism is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.